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Pyrite Products 
Crush high-purity pyrite ore to finel pellet,size3~50mm,sulfur 42~48%, process and supply as customers' demand.
The company has a joint venture at Guangdong Province China, which specialize in crushing process pyrite ore to fine pellet. Well-known as "Oriental Pyrite City", Guangdong has been proven to have 208 million tons pyrite resource serves, ranked in the top of the world. For high value-added making full use of these rich natural resources, we stick to the corporate philosophy "quality first, win with quality ". By using unique processing methodsand strictly controlling export products processing link, we can ensure that the important indicators such as sulfur content, moisture content, size and impurities are better than the user’s requirements.Products are widely used as resulfurization for free cutting steel smelting and casting furnace charge, grinding wheel abrasive filler, soil conditioner, heavy metal wastewater treatment adsorbent, packet core filling material, lithium battery cathode material and other industries, well received by users and trust.At the same time, the company also supply domestic users with different grade, size and proportion of iron pyrite, sulfur concentrate and balancing ore.