UrbanMines Tech. Co.,Ltd.

     UrbanMines Tech. Co.,Ltd. Specializes in the most advanved electronic materials for "3C" (computer, communication and consumer electronics) parts, and also engages in an integrated range of business activities that extends from High-Performance materials to E-Waste Managements&Recycling.
     We aim at being a business group that combines the functions of a trading company and a manufacturer. In other words, it is a commercial firm that commissions production of commodities that anticipate the needs of users worldwide. We believe this to be ideal positioning for a business enterprise in the 21st century.
     We were founded in April of 2008 with the purpose of conducting "New Materials for Hi-tech Industry" businesses all over the world. Since then our company has steadily expanded its operations. We very much appreciate our customers' continued cooperation and support. 
     We have recently reviewed our portfolio to determine the direction our businesses should take. While maintaining the existing trading business(rare metallic oxides&compounds, sales agent of Japan LION and SANYO CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES), we are also looking to promote the manufacturing side of the business, with a particular emphasis on Fabricated Metal Alloy Products and E-Waste Managements&Recycling. To realize this, we need to secure own production bases that will ensure the stable supply of products. In an increasingly severe market environment, we need to make sure that customers rate us highly and make us their supplier of choice. All members of staff are making concerted efforts to fulfill our social mission by conscientiously attending to a broad range of market needs. 
     Although our history of company and most of the staff members are young, we believe that we can expand our business and at the same time we can enhance the quality of our services, with the creative and aggressive approach taken by all our employees. We are exploring new business areas and developing our own unique approach and character. 
We will continue to pursue business opportunities based on dialogue with our customers, and do our utmost to fully meet their expectations.
     Specializes in  international trading, and is able to ship quality products and offer outstanding service anywhere around China and the world.

Management Principles
    1. UrbanMines complies with all laws, regulations and corporate ethics, operates in a highly fair and transparent manner, and strives to be an honest and reliable group.
    2. UrbanMines maintains good relations with its shareholders, employees and the community, and fulfills its obligations as‘a good corporate citizen’.
    3. UrbanMines takes on challenges, taking as its motto‘Into New Materials’,‘Into New Markets’,‘Into New Services’and‘Into New Fields’.
    4. UrbanMines aims to develop human resources with a high degree of expertise, and to become an energetic and sophisticate group.

Service Principles