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UrbanMines Tech.  has positioned the environment as a top priority management theme, and accordingly is implementing a wide range of measures. The Company is also vigorously fulfilling its role as a corporate citizen through recycling and detoxification of harmful nonrecyclable materials, and promotes the use of eco-friendly substitutes for harmful substances such as CFCs.

Environmental protection policy  

UrbanMines Tech. Co.,Ltd., an integrated producer of  materials and waste recycler, will conduct its business in compliance with the basic policy of contributing to the preservation of the global environment through improvement in productivity in its  materials and recycling businesses, and its own basic policy of promoting environmental preservation to meet the needs of society.

1.Active involvement in environmental preservation
We will not only comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations, but will also actively and continuously handle materials and products that help to further reduce the negative environmental impact of business operations.
2.Elimination of inefficiencies in business operations
We will thoroughly reduce inefficiencies at all stages of our business operations, to promote resource conservation and energy-saving.
3.Fostering a recycling-oriented society
We will aim at creating treatment systems for all industrial waste and will work to realize a recycling-oriented society in which industrial waste is reduced, reused and recycled.    
4.Raising employee awareness of environmental preservation
We will make all employees more aware of the importance of environmental preservation through environmental management training and similar programs.
5.Disclosure of information
We will promote communication with our stakeholders through active and unbiased disclosure regarding the status of our business operations in terms of their environmental impact.